COVID-19 Services

Continued Commitment to Your Workplace Safety

CDT has been committed to keeping workplaces safe for more than 30 years through our dedicated drug and alcohol program management. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, our dedication to your workplace safety is as important to us as ever. Utilizing our rare blend of business and scientific expertise, our team has created best in class resources to help employers understand and minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on their workplace.

Each organization is different, and there is no one-size fits all solution.  At CDT, we want to help you with your specific situation and help you make it happen. To help you meet this present challenge, we proudly offer the resources below. For further information, please contact us at (800) 440-3784.

24 hour drug testing
  • PCR Test: Lab-based test to detect the genetic materials of the virus
  • Antigen Test: Rapid test to detect the protein antigen of the virus
  • Antibody Test: Rapid test to detect the presence of antibodies in the donor

COVID-19 Workplace Testing Solutions

The CDC and other public health authorities strongly recommend testing employees for COVID-19 at some point in the back-to-work process. CDT can help you integrate an employee testing protocol into your back-to-work policy, with access to PCR (nasal swabs and saliva), antigen tests and antibody tests.

At CDT, we can administer and facilitate group testing, where numerous employees are tested at one time.  We have relationships with labs across the country, as well as access to different types of kits for testing – from tests administered by trained professionals to rapid, self-administered test kits. We also offer a technology platform that enables us to schedule testing, link specimens to the proper donors, and electronically transmit the information to labs immediately after testing.

Advisory Services

CDT offers advisory services to assist you in creating and implementing a plan to introduce appropriate precautions against COVID-19 in your workplace. We can assist you in tailoring plans and policies to suit your organization, that will work for your employees and your customers.  We will start with your needs and circumstances, keep you informed of the most recent guidelines from federal, state, and local authorities, and ensure your policies work for you. We also offer a Back-to-Work Guidance toolkit – a compilation of all the relevant guidance from the CDC, the EPA, and a host of other trusted public health authorities.

Employee Screening Management

Screening employees daily for signs of illness is an essential component in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by preventing infected employees from entering the workplace. CDT offers support to help you implement a daily employee screening protocol best suited for your workplace, from temperature monitoring device recommendations and training to an intuitive, cloud-based daily symptom tracker.

Temperature Screening Devices and Training

More information to come.

Daily Symptom Tracking

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