Employment Drug Testing

We invest in learning about your organization to
customize CDT drug and alcohol testing programs

Employees are accountable for more than the duties in their job descriptions – they are entrusted with the safety of coworkers, your clients and your reputation. Drug and alcohol abusers put this trust at risk with their impaired ability to perform their work safely, potentially causing irreparable damage to people, property and your brand. In any relationship, getting to know one another is key to longevity. CDT’s on-boarding process starts with a thorough understanding of your needs – from compliance to corporate culture to budgeting to reporting – the better we know how you define success, the better we are at providing it for you through a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program.

employment drug testing

CDT helps you to navigate drug testing policies
that are right for your organization

Your drug and alcohol policy is a commitment to your employees and customers to protect their safety, health and investment in their partnership with you. CDT develops and updates policies that comply with mandatory and voluntary laws in all 50 states and are compliant with all DOT agencies. Our customized policies address legalized marijuana and prescription drug use and abuse, so you can be confident that your policies reflect today’s complex human resource and safety concerns.

CDT’s drug and alcohol testing program management team is dedicated
to your success

CDT’s tenured team of industry experts work with you to design a program that reflects your policy, regulatory requirements and the goals for your organization’s substance abuse program. We empower CDT response teams to do whatever it takes to help our clients the moment we are needed. Our team is educated and informed through the investment in training on new technologies, changes in regulations and updates in laws. Our account management team keeps you informed and strategizes with you for now and for the future.

Workplace drug testing | Comprehensive Drug Testing

Drug use by the American workforce is on the rise, and this trend extends to several different classes of drugs and categories of drug tests

– Barry Sample, Ph.D., senior director of science and technology at Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions (2015)

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing packages

When you invest in recruiting and training a new employee, you want to minimize the risk involved that could affect other employees, clients and your company reputation. We assist you to eliminate high-risk applicants through background checks, comprehensive drug testing and physicals. We provide custom drug and alcohol testing and training solutions for pre-employment screening for all roles and industries, so tell us about your company and we will provide expert advice on enhancing your recruitment success rates.