Substance Abuse Testing

We provide collection services in all 50 states and offer 24/7 support 365 days a year.

The Comprehensive Drug Testing national collection site network includes thousands of sites and an expansive network of mobile collectors.   Our white-glove service approach provides one-on-one scheduling for candidates and employees, allowing the client to focus on their bottom line.

CDT’s service team works with each client to locate a collection facility to provide all the services in one convenient location. We can schedule a collection site nationwide any time of day. In today’s non-stop world, employers need support 24/7/365.  CDT’s national network of mobile collectors come to your location for any test reason – scheduled job fairs, accidents and injuries, and reasonable suspicion testing.

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Types of drug testing | Comprehensive Drug Testing

CDT customizes DOT and non-DOT testing methods to the needs of your organization

Flexible drug testing methods and hundreds of test panels customized for clients’ unique needs are CDT’s specialty.

  • Urine – Accurate & reliable, urine testing accommodates many testing panels.
  • Oral fluid – Easy collections and simple budgeting make this reliable test method an excellent option.
  • Hair – With the longest window of detection, hair testing provides employers historical drug use insight.
  • CDT offers alcohol screening and confirmation testing for accidents and reasonable suspicion.
  • Rapid Response – Fast and affordable, “instant” tests provide quick screening results combined with laboratory confirmation, Medical Review Officer and online reporting.

CDT partners with you to test at various stages of employment

Just as each client is unique, each testing program is too.  Whether speed, cost, location or testing method is your highest priority, CDT can accommodate, with outstanding performance and detail.

  • CDT offers DOT and Non-DOT testing using both paper forms & electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF).
  • All test reasons are offered including pre-employment, random, post-accident, & follow up testing.
  • Medical Review Officers (MRO) help navigate the complex world of prescription medications & legalized marijuana.
  • Partners with the nation’s leading laboratories & Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) networks to support even the most complex program requirements.
  • Statistical Data Reports including DOT Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (MIS) reports are offered.
CDT Workplace drug testing | Comprehensive Drug Testing

Some of the industries and clients served by Comprehensive Drug Testing